About Agape Kitchen

This fish known as a symbol of Christianity is sign of Agape Kitchens desire to provide for less fortunate people; an action demonstrated by Jesus Christ.

Agape Kitchen is a not-for-profit community and voluntary group, made up of local residents who are concerned enough about the homelessness in their local area and across London that they have come together to deliver services to support people who are already homeless. The group is coordinated by Ida Oderinde a local resident of Hackney since 1974.

She says that “the group aims to: Improve and support the lives of homeless people in Hackney and surrounding areas; by improving the current facilities available for homeless people, by enabling a better understanding of issues effecting homeless people by the wider public and Increase the awareness of support available to Homeless people”.

Agape Kitchen wants to:

1. Provide support for homeless people through counselling, advice & information, hot meals, clothing, first-aid kit and practical support.
2. Produce a Simple fact sheet on Understanding Homelessness. Covering what the triggers are and how people can help
3. Develop a ‘Homeless Help Information desk’ to be displayed across the borough
4. Facilitate homeless people’s transition to become housed, employed and socially included.

Agape Kitchen sees itself as a key player in developing services and enabling the homeless to progress on to a better quality of life.